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Eidur Gudjohnsen

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Guest efctaxi

I once thought he was as good as anyone in the prem , and was disappointed when he went abroad .

Not sure if he still has it , but if it was a free , I would have him like a shot .

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Bolton Wanderers - 55/18

Chelsea - 182/54

FC Barcelona - 70/10


I would have him. He will come on the cheap because I think that both sides want to part. Barcelona has players like Messi and Henry, Gudjohnson is just baggage for them. I think that they will be fine having them off their books. Think he could even come on a free :)


Would prefer Owen to him though, Owen is our first target ;)


On 24 April 1996, Guðjohnsen and his father entered football history when playing in an international friendly for Iceland against Estonia in Tallinn. Arnór started the match, and Guðjohnsen came on in the second half as a substitute for his father.


Nice fact for you all ;)

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I'd Take OWEN, you also have to remember the stupid new rules in EUROPE that u need x amount of home grown talent in your squad. Can't remnember how many you need but its something like 8


I thought that rule regarding home grown players was a dead end and flopped?

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i'm sure it was 8 in the squad an anynoe been in the country 3 years under 25 counts if they came thought our youth system, ie vic would be classed as a home grown player. Maybe thats only the champs league.


I do believe it is eight trained within the country out of which 4 came through the club or something to that extent. Back to the topic, eidur is just too old for us. what is the point of getting him and 2 seasons down the road we need someone else to replace him. If we want a proven striker, one whose age is no more than 27-28 is the best. At least we can get a good couple of seasons out of him if he consistently bangs in the goals.

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