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Design Changes (Work In Progress)

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If anyone has any suggestions for colour schemes...


I like these two..


http://evertondirect.evertonfc.com/stores/product_images/efc-63173.jpg?width=180&height=180&quality=95 <-- This shade of blue




http://evertondirect.evertonfc.com/stores/product_images/efc-63172.jpg?width=180&height=180&quality=95 <-- This one?


I'm leaning towards the latter

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If they are the choices I would prefer the first myself. But I think there is not a lot to chose between them. I am not much of a one for suggestions though. I usually suggest something either truly awful, or just plain stupid.


How about the old 'salmon pink' and royal blue stripes?


Or perhaps Blue and yellow? The post box is white anyway.

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I think making it work properly is the most important, then followed by making it easy, then and only then, making it look good.


Just my opinion mind you, I think you all do a fair job at it anyway.


I am not much of a one for changes until it is all done and dusted. So I suppose my opinion is not that important. (Especially as I do not post as much as many others)

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My first impression is that it does'nt look like a footy forum, it looks like some business advertising page all grey and sombre.


There is no seperation between the Pinned Posts and the rest of the Threads.


Ive noticed when editing you cant preview the post, I like to see if its right before i post it.


But its not finished yet so i'll hold back my thoughts until it is.


I'm leaning towards the latter colour also Louis. :)

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It's taking me awhile to get used to this, but here is my views.


Good Points:-


Recently viewed threads- really good little addition

Quicker access to Fast Reply- very good


Bad Points:-

General Layout things- but i completly understand that this is going to change so its not really a huge issue,

would be good if pinned threads and general threads are split like before


as for colours, i much prefer the second option.

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Think the lines seperating all the threads and topics (table ?) should be coloured either a pale blue or pale yellow/gold. its only a very thin hairline but it would give the site the colour its missing. The forum headers are almost black, have we not got a royal or a navy blue.?? Nice work Louis.

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