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Dele Adeleye

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I can see the possibility of this being true if he's a country mate of Yobo and made his debut alongside him. Maybe JoYo recommended him? However, as a Nigerian he'd be away for ACN (along with Yak, Yobo) and the fact that he only has 1 cap could be an issue.


If he's good enough, he certainly is the right age, however I'd also like to see players brought in that we won't lose in the middle of the season every time the African Nations is on.

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Well he is a good player for Sparta Rotterdam but there's quite a difference between Everton and Sparta. I don't think he is ready for Everton just jet. Should go to a dutch topclub first before making the move to the PL. Emnes was a good player at Sparta also but look what he's doing now at Middlesbrough.

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Fits the bill, ie young, talented, but we alraedy have Jags, Lescott, yobo, Rodwell, and that young German guy we just baught so even if Rodwell becomes DM (which I pray is true as he is great in that posision and could become world class) then we have enough CB cover.

Agree mate, I just hope moyes see's him as one because he has every attribute to become a world class defensive midfielder.

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