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Like the idea but I think it may run into copyright problems as you're not supposed to take pictures in the ground. I've been pulled up on it by the stewards twice....if the club (or the league) see we're doing it they'd tell us to stop I'm sure.

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great idea, i think you can take pics before, half time, and after the match. but anything else might be a problem.

would be great if we could do it

I got told to put my camera away at half-time in the cup final.....and that was at Goodison so there wasn't even any grass on the pitch, let alone players :unsure: . Over-zealous stewarding or what?

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Surely nothing to match these though mate.....how do they stop photos of the screen working? Anyone know?







The picture is black because the frequency of the screen refresh is very low compared to the shutter speed of your camera...... try filming an older pc monitor and you will see flickers when you play it back.....


Its this or the fact that the screen would have been emitting low livels of light

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