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Benitez (Fat F****r)


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The understanding is really good now between the players. The main thing for me is to be contenders.


"We have to be there in the top four and close, then see what happens.


"Chelsea, United and Arsenal are very strong, and this year you'll have Tottenham, Aston Villa and City. It's clearly the most difficult league.



Just noticed this quote taken from Sky sports.


This prick really has no respect for us whatsoever.Every time Moyesie does an interview he always shows respect to other teams even if it is the Irish/Norwegian fuckers.

To not even mention us in the same breath as Villa,Spurs and City just shows how he lacks class and will never be respected by any manager in the premiership.

You fat fucker your not that big anymore........even Blackburn have won the premiership more than your group of spanish ladyboys



Anyone know were he lives ???

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It's okay. Benitez is going to be on the way out this season anyways. He's played the damn mind games too much this summer. That always means bad form for the squad. Case in point...January, Rafa tried to f**k with Fergie, and went on to draw some absurd number of games (I wanna say 6 of nine and a loss). He'll keep playing the games with whoever he thinks his squad is better than. Clearly in January he thought to take the fight to Manure, thinking it would help his squad best the devil(s): Manure won. Now it seems he wants to "toy" with DM, perhaps we'll get the same good fortune of Benitez' rants and slip into 3rd early on.

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its not just Rafa, but everyone, Evertons always under the raidar, i wouldn't be to bothered, thats when we play the best, when no one is thinking about us.



Yep, that's a good way of looking at it.Let the Man City's, Villa's and Spurs have the pressure of HAVING to try and break into the top 4, whilst we just go on the Everton way and probably finish higher than them!


As for Benitez!The fact he doesn't mention us just goes to show that he really is bothered by us :) Many people in football really do admire the way things are done at Everton, sure we haven't got the big bucks to get the greedy (sorry I mean top) players, but with our small squad, highly respected manager and great fans, NOW benitez is being measured against US!He does have a possibly the best player in the prem/europe/world at the club along with the best striker in the prem and a massive squad of high priced players.....HE has to win something this season, certainly the prem, he hasn't had to sell any players, whilst the other top 3 teams seem have faced this problem, so surely they start as favorites this season!


If we finished 5th next season, and they don't win the prem or maybe finish runners up, then with what each team have at their disposal, who would you say had achieved the most!


Sorry Benietz, but I think a poor season from you and liverpool city council are going to be very busy cleaning some nasty little comments about you from their lovely new buildings.


PS Don't worry Rafa, Kenny's waiting to step in!

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Why do people bother scouring Benitez's statements for references to us? It doesn't affect us, and personally I think some people have a variation on little man syndrome. Small club, picking fights for innoccuous slights.

And the quote is a few months old anyway....we've already discussed it at length, no real need to do it again :) .

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