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Anyone see then city- arse game yesterday?


What a scum bag Adebayor is, great player but he definatly stamped on Van Persie and running 100 yards tp celebrate in front of the Arse fans is off.


I reckon he is due at least a 10 game ban.

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Well he got booked, which is the same punishment as taking off your shirt!


But running the entire lenght of the pitch, to insite opponents supporters must surely be seen as something more serious.Ok fans should be able to control themselves, but as we've seen in the past and will see again incidents do happen.He could have just raised a fist in their direction, that alone would surely have been seen as insiting fans, but would have maybe been seen as just about the limit to what should be done.


I have to admit!....if I had been lucky enough to have scored a goal for Everton at anfield.....I might just have done one or two laps of the pitch, followed by a couple somersaults, a little dance and a song or two!!

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The fans reactions were out of order either way. As to why they can't control themselves is beyond me and the simplified explanation of 'things happening' and 'passion is passion' just doesn't pass at all since surely the same thing can be said about the players?


Not that I'm a fan of what Adebayor did; it was tactless and not a good reflection on himself. Personally, I think he should have scored a couple then ran to the Arsenal bench to celebrate in front of Wenger - really make it stick, you know?

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