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Too Much Of James Blunt!


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i agree that they shouldnt play blunt as much as they do. besides the fact i dont like him him.


by all means play his music. because he is talented and deserves all the royalties he deserves but please for the love of god stop playing the wise men song 8 times in a day.


there are other songs on his albums

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Wahey, got a few sensible replies there.


Anyway, you can ban me all you want, but it still won't cut down the amount of 'Semis by the sea' every day.


I quitelike a semi by the sea, I always get one on holiday ;);)


Take the hint, re-tune to another station radio shitty is gash

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Food poisoning from McDonalds is very hard in this day & age! Think about it - it's not even meat, it's got so much processing/chemicals in it that not even bacteria would breed on it, there's so worried about image nowadays, it's near impossible!

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