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Everton Meet & Greet / Q&a / Signing - Sydney


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Greetings folks,


As some of you may be aware, the Everton Supports Club of Australia (ESCA) organised a Q&A and signing session with the squad. This was organised at the Marriott Hotel in Sydney.


Here's a link to the Everton official article.


The night started off with some pre-drinks in a lounge area, followed by a walk up the stairs to the function room. This is where I was greeted by a poster of the king himself, Arteta! After finding a spot at a table, this is what we had waiting for us.


Also on the table were these, and these.


Eventually the first set of players came out (horrible photo, I know). You'll find the details of the players that were interviewed and who signed in Everton's article above.

The boss came up for his questionnaire and received a standing ovation!


However, above all this was one of my highlights of the night. Billy's interview. He struggled with his English and it made not only us, the supporters, but his team mates and manager laugh hysterically.

. Again, horrible camera work, but I did what I could in the dark and the distance that I had to work with. We had a good laugh at the beginning as you'll see, and then pay attention around the 1:30 mark.


Here are a couple of other images I picked up.


After the interviews concluded we had about a five minute break, and the players switched. On came the signing crew! Again, you can view which players these were in the link at the top.

I received all eight signatures on my home kit, and Arteta's signature on my 09/10 kit with his name on it. It's now ready to be framed. Furthermore, he was happy to have a photo taken with me. This made my night :)


I hope you enjoyed this small preview in to our night down here in Sydney.


Stay tuned for further posts of tomorrow nighs charity dinner with all the players, Friday's training session, and all three games coming up.

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Correct! After a large number of people started cracking them open, the MC politely told us that the hotel would prefer that they do not get consumed inside the hotel, and rather elsewhere. So... they ended up in my bag. Not that I drink beer, but my mate appreciated it :)

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Thanks Ganden.


Did they look OK in real life? No injuries or whatever?


They all looked great. But apparently Neville isn't playing against Sydney. I'll know more about whether or not anyone's injured at this Friday's training session :)

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Just got back from a Gala dinner event with the whole team. I'll make a couple of new threads for that and one for the training session tomorrow.


And just a quick one, for those who were in doubt about Saha being downunder as he's been absent from news and photos, we saw him at the dinner :)

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