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National Anthems!

Ian C

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A little warning to all reading this thread - I absolutely love national anthems. I don't know why, but the point of this thread is to see if anyone else shares my weird interest! :lol:


So post up your favourites and share opinions etc. etc.


My favourites....


1) Amhrán na bhFiann/The Soldier's Song



The classic Irish answer. It has everything you want in an anthem; a pounding military beat, patriotic and slightly xenophobic lyrics and it also ticks the 'in a language nobody else understands' box.




Sinne Fianna Fáil,

atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn,

Buíon dár slua

thar toinn do ráinig chughainn,

Faoi mhóid bheith saor

Seantír ár sinsear feasta,

Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill.

Anocht a théam sa bhearna baoil,

Le gean ar Ghaeil, chun báis nó saoil,

Le gunna scréach faoi lámhach na bpiléar,

Seo libh canaig amhrán na bhFiann


Soldiers are we,

whose lives are pledged to Ireland,

Some have come

from a land beyond the wave,

Sworn to be free,

no more our ancient sireland,

Shall shelter the despot or the slave.

Tonight we man the "bearna baoil",

In Erin’s cause, come woe or weal,

’Mid cannon’s roar and rifles’ peal,

We’ll chant a soldier's song


(There are further references to things like "out yonder wait the saxon foe", "tyrant" etc. etc. :lol:)


Video (Sorry about GSTQ at the start, but this is the seminal public performance of the Irish National Anthem... and I get to rub in the fact that we hammered you guys that day :lol:)



2) The European National Anthem - Ode to Joy



Okay okay, I admit. This was mysteriously dropped between the failed EU Constitution and the successful Treaty of Lisbon - but you've got to admit that it's a quality tune!


Unofficial Lyrics:


Latin original


Est Europa nunc unita

et unita maneat;

una in diversitate

pacem mundi augeat.



Semper regnant in Europa

fides et iustitia

et libertas populorum

in maiore patria.



Cives, floreat Europa,

opus magnum vocat vos.

Stellae signa sunt in caelo

aureae, quae iungant nos.




Rhymeless and literal English translation


Europe is united now

United may it remain;

Our unity in diversity

May it contribute to world peace.



May there forever reign in Europe

Faith and justice

And freedom of the people

In a greater fatherland



Citizens, may Europe flourish,

A great task calls on you.

Golden stars in the sky are

The symbols that shall unite us.



Listen here: http://www.hymnus-europae.at/music/01%20Titel%201.wma


3) La Marseillaise - L'anthem nationale de France



Yes they're cheating bastards but I know I'm not the only one who makes sure that they catch this during French home games during the 6 Nations. Quality quality tune.


Lyrics (first verse + chorus):


Allons enfants de la Patrie,

Le jour de gloire est arrivé !

Contre nous de la tyrannie,

L'étendard sanglant est levé,

Entendez-vous dans les campagnes,

Mugir ces féroces soldats ?

Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras

Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes !


Aux armes, citoyens,

Formez vos bataillons,

Marchons, marchons !

Qu'un sang impur

Abreuve nos sillons !




4) Flower of Scotland



Best anthem of the 6 Nations by far. No question. Scotland may be shite at rugby, but they can fucking sing! :lol:





O flower of Scotland

When will we see

Your like again

That fought and died for

Your wee bit hill and glen

And stood against him

Proud Edward's army

And sent him homeward

Tae think again



Those days are passed now

And in the past they must remain

But we can still rise now

And be the nation again

And stood against him

Proud Edward's army

And sent him homeward

Tae think again




Annoying that you can't have more than 1 media file per post :(


Okay you can tell I'm ridiculously bored today! :lol:

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I didn't know they allowed the guests to have computers in the home :lol:

Good behaviour B) .


Actually some anthems are impressive....just that when you're stuck with a (usually discordant) dirge such as ours you tend to be dismissive of others to avoid embarrassment.

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I love national anthems too! BTW, the European anthem exists in the same capacity as it always did. It was elevated to an official anthem in the Constitutional Treaty. So it's still the unofficial anthem of the EU.


There's one obvious anthem missing from your list and my personal number one :




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Is the UK the only country in the world who's anthem witters on solely about the head of state rather than the nation?


Had a quick scan and even North Korea's is not so nauseatingly deferential....


"Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,

Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth.

My beautiful fatherland.

The glory of a wise people

Brought up in a culture brilliant

With a history five millennia long.

Let us devote our bodies and minds

To supporting this Korea forever."

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If we ignore the lyrics, some of the music for national anthems is very stirring.


Living in Wales I hear Men of Harlech sung on occassion, and that is pretty impressive when sung with passion. Bread of Heaven too.


There is a bit in it that I do remember... well two words of it. LOL


......."Gwlad Gwlad".......


I am not going to bother with a web search for the rest.


I agree with grarghsies on the French Irish and Scottish anthems too. And I have been known to hum Ode to joy.


But I think an anthem for England would be "Land of Hope and Glory" rather than "Jerusalem"

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I think the Benny Hill theme would be the most suitable for someone running around chasing something totally elusive.


Humming it to yourself yet? Try imagining Rooney chasing the ball all over the place before diving in with frustration, Now are you humming it? :lol:

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