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The Walking Dead


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Starts on Fx tomorrow I think but is available to watch online now.

I highly recommend it. Directed by Frank Darabont(Shawshank Redemption/ The Green Mile) and based on a Robert Kierkmans graphic novel series. I've been reading them for awhile so was really looking forward to it.

The pilot is fantastic. Watched it earlier and was not let down. Edited by jamiemaher85
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Oh my god, cannot wait. Has anyone read the Graphic Novel? I told myself i had to read the novel first, otherwise i'd ruin it by watching the tv program.


The differences are quick stark. I love both, but have to keep them very seperate now. The inclusion of new characters (that don't follow the books) and the loss of others really riled me.


But to anyone, i highly recommend buying the Compendium...volume 1. Second one's not released for a while yet!

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I love this show!

I look forward to it every week and as soon as the episode is over, I can't wait till the next one comes on. I haven't read the graphic novel yet, but I would love to.

I was shocked when the little boy was shot in the opening episode this season, my jaw literally dropped! I can't wait to see what happens next. jump%20for%20joy.gif

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