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As a stunned nation awaits further developments, sources close to Bale have confirmed that he wasn’t in fact running past Maicon on Tuesday night so much as he was running away from Neville.



Speaking exclusively to Sport.co.uk, a physical manifestation of the concept of Death said: “I once had a near-Neville experience. You don’t want to mess with that guy – when he pours milk on Rice Krispies, they shut up.”
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neville chant from bbc 606, not a bad attempt, cant see it cattching on mind (To rocky robin by Mickey J):


He can stop gareth bale all day long

kickin an a tackilin an singing his song

all the evertonians on the gladys street

Love to hear the Nev go tweet tweet tweet

Philip Neville

Tweet - tweet tweet,

Philip Neville

Tweet Twiddly Dee

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