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Silver Lining thread from GOT


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I just flushed something away that they could polish. Ffs can we not identify clearly who is responsible for what at our club?!


The manager chooses the players that the budget dictates, the youth system is set up under his direction, why the f' is kenwright and co getting immunity on the basis that they brought the manager in to oversee all that?


Its not kenwright bashing Matt, you brought him into it.


I repeat moyes and the board are different entities

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That is a good article and the author is correct. I thought that the midfield we had in that Villareal game was as good as I had seen it for a while. It actually had a good balance, and whilst I would like to have seen Rodwell break forward a little more, we had players who were willing to gamble with a pass or run and be positive. Plus it allows us to slot other players in, as Osman and Arteta could easily go like for like with one of the wide men or through the middle.

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