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Hello from sunny Florida


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My fellow Evertonians,


I have been following this forum for a few years, but until now had not registered. Now that I am here, I'd like to introduce myself. I grew up in New York, as an avid football (American variety) and baseball fan. I went to college in the beautiful state of Florida in 2007, where I became a proper football fan.


My father is originally from London, and preferred cricket over rugby. That being said, the last time we were there was the summer of 2007. I had asked him to pick me up a kit from the local shop (anything other than Man Utd, as that was the only team I really knew back then). Lucky for me, he picked up an Everton kit, mainly because he and I supremely enjoy Chang beer.


My first roommate at college is a die-hard Chelsea fan from Hong Kong, so once he saw my Everton kit, he got me into watching the games and supporting the team that I now support. I was surprised to find out that American keeper Timmy Howard was on Everton, but this certainly solidified my desire to support the Toffees.


I have been to one Everton match, albeit a pre-season friendly, against DC United in the summer of 2011. It was a fantastic match that Everton won handily.


Anyways, I am glad to finally be a part of this forum, and look forward to the upcoming season under Roberto Martinez, though David Moyes will be missed greatly.

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welcome friend enjoy the banter,its a lovely state you live in.


Come now Mr Patto, Everyone knows Maryland is america's finest state. At least it used to be.


Good to see some more american participants on these pages, but regardless of nationality, they don't always come back. Whatever occurs, hope you can fit in and find something to get involved in etc.

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