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"Secret Referee": PL Referees are told to treat big names differently


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Anyway, moving on, last week I met up with a prospective candidate who is interested in becoming our “Secret Referee”. This is a guy who has refereed all the greats and, to be honest, he had me hanging on his every anecdote. But it was his throwaway story about Scudamore that had me intrigued and not just because I’d already chosen to include him in this column.


The ref told me that during a Premier League meeting of top referees, Scudamore had finished off by saying: “And, remember, you’re not in a sport, you are part of the entertainment business. We don’t want our top players being sent off every week because it’s bad for the brand. We want them on the pitch as much as possible.”




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Is this actually a reliable source or could it be someone dropping in a 'exposé' type paragraph in an unrelated article in order to get some hits on their website?!


I'm not saying it isn't true but this person knows that something like this will get fans of EVERY team saying "I knew it!".

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