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Footballers that could have/should have been so much more

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Post the footballers who you think could have been brilliant players but due to injuries, money or women never reached their potential. I'll name a few of mine to get us started;


- Francis Jeffers: Was brilliant for us in his first spell at Everton and then went totally down-hill since joining Arsenal. If he had got his head down he could have been a top quality Premier League striker.


- R.R Drenthe: Could have been a great winger but let the drink get to his head and ruined what could have been a successful Everton career.


- Kieron Dyer: He was excellent at Newcastle but money, women and injuries fucked up his career to the point of no return.


- David Bentley: Was aweseme at Blackburn Rovers but nose-dived after joining Spurs.


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Drenthe is the only one I agree with. The others had injury issues which is unfortunate. Drenthe could've been a great player, might still be, but his attitude screwed him out of a chance to really shine


I put to you, excluding injuries, Dzeko. The guy oozes class but for the stupid spending of City

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Sorry for the vague description but can anyone remember the name of that 90's/early 00's Uraguayan striker that was supposed to the mutts nuts but never actually won anything in Europe? I think he was a regular in Serie A...

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He was brilliant on his day for Portugal and at Porto he was very impressive in spells. Just a shame he has a tendency to sulk as soon as things didn't go his way. If only he had Ronaldo's mentality...


One of my favourite players to watch ever. When he was on the ball I always expected something special.


He's only 29 but he might as well have retired a couple of years ago and no one would have noticed. Such a shame.

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