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Marcus Bent - £2m

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I think if we managed to get a pacey striker in to the squad, I would find it hard to argue against selling Bent for £2M or there abouts.


It would be a very good profit on a player who had a great season for us last year, but who was never really going to be a regular in our starting line up if another striker comes in.


With young James Vaughan also becoming available soon for cameo appearences then.


I wonder how Andy Johnson feels about staying at CP this season, considering he is now likley to be overlooked in the England squad due to Darren Bent's good start to the season. I would be tempted to rock the boat in january, especially if CP aren't looking like they will end up back in the Prem.

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Before we even consider selling him we need to have a replacement in the squad. Again a striker with a bit of pace as it gives us something different if we want to go to a 4-5-1 to defend a lead and Bent does give us pace up front.


Don't know if Keane is a 'fast' striker like Bent or more slower like Beattie

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Keane is not a fast player. Keane is all about his movement but he is a great reader of the game so he is normally a step ahead of the defenders which might make him look quick. He is by no means slow but he isnt as quick as Bent for example (is quicker than Beattie though, some will say thats not hard)

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£2m for bent would be too good to turn down, i like him as a player but if we could bring in nugent for the same money and snap Keano then that would suit me sir

Get £2m for bent.


Buy Keane

Buy Nugent or AJ


Forget Carlton Cole - hes shit and thats that!



After that there are no decent strikers that would be available.


How about Rooney? He's shit at the moment and Utd don't look like winning anything (and lets remember, thats why he joined them - to win things and the only thing he has seen that is silver is fergie's mop top)

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I wouldn't mind Moyes rocking Crystal Palcaes boat, with another bid for AJ. With him being totally overlooked now (as D Bent is doing what he did last season) for the England squad, I would guess AJ would be really kickin' himself he didn't move on this summer as his place in a World Cup squad looks thinner by the day (I don't care how many he scores in the Championship, Bent will now have Erikssons eye)


I know he only signed a new contract last summer, but there must be some get out clauses in it his Agents would have been mad not to have one in there.


If we could get £2M for our Bent, that would put a fair bit towards a fee for AJ.

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apparently signing for RS in jan, but stayin with southampton onloan til summer i heard


yeah - RS are signing anyone with a cool sounding name - but guess what - he aint going to them...







RS are always linked with 'top' players - but its all pie in the sky...


Theo - if he is any good - he'll be in a Chelski shirt next year - he lives in southampton FFS, as if, at 16, he is going to want to move up here!

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what about the young kid that plays for southampton Theo Walcott although i believe they are looking for 8-9million just read that real madrid wanted to buy him in the summer. If we are looking for a striker with pace and he's only 16. Looks like a brilliant player already.


The Daily Mirror says that Chelsea have struck an 8 million deal for him.

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The Daily Mirror says that Chelsea have struck an 8 million deal for him.

How would you know?! Thought you were in India...


Plz dont tell me that the Mirror gets as far as India! (talk about needing the sales!)


As I said - he is 16 - he cant even drive and has probably never ever left the southampton area - London will be a big move for him and already is away from his family. there is no way he will take a move up north - its simply to far - and he wont go to Real Madrid either - as lon as Chelski are in the frame, the rest of us minnows can forget this kid.

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