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Wembley Pictures And Update

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IT'S a goal! This is the first picture of the posts being put up at Wembley.



Workmen fixing a post


But the late £757 million stadium is still far from finished, a News of the World investigation reveals.


As our undercover man toured the ground on Thursday he saw workmen sleeping while others sat reading papers.



Unfinished: the main corridor


Around them was the chaos that means Wembley won't even be ready for England's Euro 2008 qualifier against Macedonia on October 7. One Multiplex construction firm worker said: "There's loads of electrics to do, the drainage isn't finished and there are gaps in the seating." Internal rooms, offices and corridors are still shells.



BARE: Media centre room


"But the management seem fairly relaxed about it," he said.

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i really dont care how long it takes anymore, as long as it is what they said it would be. the single greatest stadium in the world



I would like to believe that Steve, but I feel most of the hype surrounding the new Wembley is just sugar coating to stop us all moaning.


Once again I feel it is in the wrong part of the country, should be in the Midlands.





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How is the Midlands the centre piece of English football?



Listen very carefully......


Wembley is meant to be the centre piece of English football, logistically and demographically, the Midlands is the centre of England.


.....and it's not big enough. (cheers Licker)





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I'm with Mac if we had gotten to a final in Cardiff I would have def gone if we get to one in London not so sure would be a pain in the arse to get to imagine what people from Newcastle must think having to get down to there. Again it is a case of the south thinking it's amazing and deserves everything why does London need everything on their doorsteps lottery funding etc it all gets swallowed by London no wonder foreign people assume we all have cockney accents and live in London.

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it somethin that has always ben that way, having the national stadium down there, i wouldnt want it to change



I can respect that POV Steve, but why, just curious thats all.


I have have had three great days out in London at various finals and wouldn't swap the memories for a big clock, but after the "experiment" to move internationals around the country, we have all had a chance to see out team play, why should that change.


I know London is the centre of the financial world and is our nation's capitol, but this is a sport and we all deserve an opportunity to do the mexican wave and sing "three lions". It's just my opinion, thats all.





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i agree that touring the country was a great thing to do, but its always the same stadiums. but we do need a "home", it makes it more intimidating to the opposition.


but like you say Mac; its the days out, the memories, the "i was there", they all make up part of the experience. didnt we all grow up wanting to lead the blues out at wembley?


that was emotional

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More on this from the beeb


Wembley owner fears further delay


Construction of the new Wembley stadium has been dogged by delays

The owner of the new Wembley stadium has said it expects its builders to miss their revised September deadline for completing the arena.

But Wembley National Stadium Limited said it did expect the much-delayed £757m venue to be finished this year.


The north London stadium was due for completion in August 2005, but hold-ups have led to events such as this year's FA Cup Final having to be rescheduled.


Construction firm Multiplex said it was sticking to its September deadline.


Slanging match


Wembley's operator appears to be losing patience with Multiplex, and has refused to guarantee that the venue will even be ready to host the 2007 FA Cup Final.


"Whilst the stadium is well on the way to being finished and looks magnificent from the outside, Multiplex still has major items to complete," said Michael Cunnah, WNSL's chief executive.


In a statement he said that Multiplex was still installing seats, working on the stadium's roof, repairing the drainage system and installing building management and life safety systems.


However, Multiplex is suggesting that WSNL will be to blame if the stadium misses its latest September completion deadline. A spokesperson said that Multiplex still hoped to have "practical completion" by then, but that WNSL had to finish some works for that date to be accurate.

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The Football Association expect to stage the FA Cup final at Wembley in May and claim an England friendly in Febraury could even be held there.



I don't think I will hold my breath Adam, I only hope it lives up to all it's hype, because if it doesn't there will be questions asked which I feel will highlight a few shady dealings. BTW I see conspiracies everywhere. :D





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Key Features of wembley stadium




Though designed primarily for football, rugby and music events, the new Wembley Stadium is also capable of hosting world-class athletic events.


A revolutionary solution has been developed to ensure that both football and athletics fans can enjoy perfect views, thanks to a temporary athletics platform that can be installed when necessary.


If Wembley is required to host a major athletics event, the prefabricated platform can be built over the lower bowl, covering some of the seats but creating the increased surface needed to fit an athletics track. The platform will take just a few weeks to install and remove, making Wembley a versatile, multi-sport venue.


There has been significant progress on securing land for a potential athletics warm-up facility after discussions with the London Borough of Brent. Four possible sites have been identified, with Sherrins Farm likely to prove the most deliverable solution.


The platform solution is very similar to the current proposals for the New York Olympic bid.



The Arch

The most striking highly visible feature of the new stadium will obviously be the 133 metre tall arch that sits above the north stand. The steel arch is 315 metres long and will become the longest single roof structure in the world. It will be visible right across London.


The arch supports all of the weight of the north roof and 60 per cent of the weight of the southern side. By using an arch to bear some of the weight of the southern roof it is possible to retract the south roof to allow light and air onto the pitch.


The arch also ensures that there are no pillars in the new stadium which could obstruct the views of fans.


The Sliding Roof and the Pitch


One of the key challenges of the design team was to keep the famously high standard of the Wembley pitch while, at the same time, designing a stadium with stands that are higher and closer to the pitch than the original stadium and give better uninterrupted views.


Many new stadia have suffered from poor pitches as the stands in the stadia can leave large sections of the pitch in almost permanent shadow. Grass demands direct sunlight to grow effectively.


For this reason, the sliding roof remains an integral part of the design for the new Wembley. Options such as a palletised pitch (moving a patchwork pitch in and out of the Stadium between events) or regularly re-laying the pitch were rejected as inappropriate for Wembley.


Instead, computer models have been made of air movement and sunlight on the existing pitch and the unique moving roof designed for the new Stadium.


Royal Box


One of the most recognised features of Wembley is the presentation of trophies from the Royal Box rather than on the pitch. The new Royal Box is in the traditional position - in the middle of the north stand - as in the old Wembley Stadium.


The Bowl


A key feature of the current stadium is that almost all spectators sit in a single bowl rather than four separate stands. This is a central feature of the new design with almost all supporters or concert-goers able to share the event with 90,000 other fans and should contribute to a memorable experience and atmosphere.


The acoustics of the new ground will take the original stadium as a benchmark. Recordings taken during the 1999 FA Cup Final and models of the Stadium created by using three blasts of white noise during the England v Poland game in 2000 will form the basis of sophisticated computer models that will allow the design team to finely tune the acoustics of the new stadium.


The External Concourse


To accommodate an external concourse all around the Stadium, the new building will move 30 metres north, towards Wembley Park Station. This new stadium concourse will make it much easier, and safer, to enter and leave the stadium.




The orientation of the Stadium remains east west, with the main façade pointing north down Olympic Way.

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Further to conversations with Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL), The FA remains confident that Wembley Stadium can be ready for this season’s FA Cup Final.


:D its all bollocks all this lark about wembley what a waste of time and money tossers :angry:

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