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Tony Hibbert


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Everton defender Tony Hibbert has emerged as a fitness worry ahead of the new Premiership season.

The 25-year-old right-back has been suffering from an illness throught the Toffees tour to the United States, and the club's medical staff are unsure what the exact problem is.


Everton manager David Moyes has admitted he is worried about the fitness of the defender, who may not feature in the season opener against Watford on August 19.

"He is not too good," said Moyes. "We've hardly seen him since we've been out here and has been in his bed for the past three or four days with sickness and has been really under the weather.


"He's had a stop-start pre-season and has missed an awful lot of training. He played a couple of games but this has set him back a bit.

"I don't know how long this is going to keep him out. I would not say that we are desperately short at right-back because we have Phil Neville and Sandro Pistone who can play there," he added. "But I just hope that Hibbo can get sorted and that he will be better soon."

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Do we have a proper right back who can replace him?


Neville is a good RB and would get forward more than Hibbert (tackling aint as good).


Pistone (the leg end) can also play RB. (if we are REALLY desparate - like, after Moyes had asked all the fans and RS fans first!)

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hibbo's important to the defense. not a lot gets past him. he had a hernia op at the end of last season and maybe he didnt take enough time to get over it.


anyway it looks like he may miss the season opener and maybe more, but if it helps get him back to 100% fitness, it'll be worth it in the long run.

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Everton legend Howard Kendall believes David Moyes should resist switching Phil Neville to right-back for the new Premiership campaign.


First-choice right-back Tony Hibbert returned to full pre-season training late because of his recovery from a hernia operation and was sidelined by illness during the recent tour of the United States.


Neville is the likely candidate to fill-in for Hibbert if the defender is not fully fit for the start of the new season.


But Kendall would prefer to see Neville remaining in the holding midfield role.


He said: "Tony Hibbert's lack of involvement during pre-season has raised questions whether he will be available for the opening day and is sure to cause David Moyes a number of selection posers.


"Personally, I think it would be a waste if Neville is given that position. He was bought to play as a central midfielder and that is where he is seen to best effect, even though he has the ability to play in a number of different roles.

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