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New York


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I've recently booked flights New York for me and the family in December 8th/15th and wondering if anyone's been or if any of our American poster's live there or have any inside knowledge of area's etc


I've only booked the flights and have been looking at Hotels searching through forums on wheres good to stay what areas are decent to the point my heads going to implode


With taking at the time of the trip a five year old and a two year old I've seen on forums it can be better to stay out of the hustle and bustle


I've been looking at the North side of Brooklyn not from from Park Slope and similar areas for the out of the way hotels and the obvious ones in Manhattan but anyone with any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated


Cheers gents

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You can take trains from New Jersey so you can stay out of the city and take the train in for the day. I did that many times you'll just need to find a NJ transit map to see what cities are on the route. Brooklyn is getting just as expensive and trendy as Manhattan. NJ is the cheapest. If you must stay in Manhattan try Chelsea or Harlem. They'll be a little cheaper especially Harlem which has turned around quite a bit. But if you have little ones I'd say safety wise a Nj hotel right on the train route would be safest.


Statue of Liberty, little Italy, Empire State Building (line is like 5 hours long I wouldn't recommend it). The museums are amazing for art and the like, and great food everywhere. Not sure what people are like in Liverpool but don't be turned off by the "rudeness" of New Yorkers. They're not very helpful and won't say excuse me if they bump into you and the like. Just how the big city folk are don't take offense.


Great Broadway plays and musical for the kids maybe lion king if it's still going.

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Ha cheers Mark (Romey) its for the missus's 30th which is that time of year but I'm glad about really because I've always wanted to go myself especially whilst it's festive so I can get into Home Alone mode :)


Thanks Mark I've looked into NJ and I have read that about Brooklyn becoming more popular and attracting investment and so on, I've found a good and well rated hotel not far from the Brooklyn Bridge which is a snip compared to staying in the inner city which is extortionate


I do fancy seeing a show whilst there that's why I went with seven nights I know most go for three or four and cram to much into it I just want to do the usual yellow cab see the sights central park eat copious amounts of man vs food esq shite but as its her birthday and her treat I'll have to abide by female logic and rules for at least a couple of days :)


Thanks for the help and tips much appreciated

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Just saw this........how was it? Did you go? Do tell.

It's booked for December mate so got Disney (Paris) to do first then New York later in the year


I'll update when I'm back a good two to three stone heavier I've already mapped out a man vs food trail :)

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