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Best and Worst Business of the 2016 Transfer Window

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As name suggests, which players do you feel have been good pieces of business of the 2016 window? (So far and on going until CoP)


Someone who will either have a great impact on the league. Massively improve a team. Was a bargain.


For me, I really like what Boro are trying to do (hopefully adding Subotic and Negrado this week!):


Viktor Fischer - £4m


Could be a great addition for little (comparatively speaking) expenditure.





Add to that, the worst pieces of business on paper (Mods can you amend the title to include worst as well, please).


For me, just the sheer amount of money paid.


Mane - £34m(!)


Good player, bang on form last year.....is he £34m worth of player? Not a chance.

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