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England V Greece

Romey 1878

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Yeah agree with that licker, good first half, stepped of the pedal second half but why not, no point going all out for a friendly, Kirkland made some smart saves second half, good clearences from Cole.


I think every manager gets that fresh start, keen to impress game...I think we'll see whether he will cut it in a dozen or so matches. Hes got the squad, hes just got to use it well :)

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because kirkland came on his daa wins £10,000 because when chris was young his dad put a bet on that his son (chris) would one day be playing for england and tonight he made his debute so his daa is 10k richer


EDIT: gd win for england, played well first half had it won already, good to see no goals conceeded

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I hope that's the last time we see Kirkland in an England shirt.


Only made one good save. (though he probably had the shot that hit Ferdinand's shoulder covered).


It was a good job Cole was on the line for those clearances too.


It wasn't making or missing saves though, he just didn't command the area, and his judgement on whether to come for the ball or not looked really shaky. Fair enough, it was his début, but if you're going to play in goal for your country, communicating with the defence and owning the penalty area is a basic part of the job.

I'm sure the Greek side came out with a rocket up 'em after that first half, but the England defence didn't look confident in Kirkland, and seemed to sit back further, which just makes it more risky.




...and didn't anyone else notice the touch from Defoe, redirecting Gerrard's cross so that it ran in front of Neville rather than behind him? If it was fully intentional, it was Bergkamp standard vision and touch. Didn't seem to register with the pundits though. Too busy with their egos........

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