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2 to sell for Arsenal game


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Anybody in need of 2 tickets to Arsenal - LOWER GWLADYS - Block GT5 - Row PP - Seat 136 and 137. I just bought them yesterday for 42 pounds each and i'd be willing to sell them at a small discount even. This will be my only trip to Goodison for a long time so I'm going the stubhub route to get closer to the pitch. 


I asked the box office about selling outside the stadium and he said it's illegal. That's true here in the states as well but it happens all the time. Can i sell them before the match or should i be worried about undercover cops?

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I've seen touts do it right in front of the police without them batting an eyelid, even more stu at horse racing were you'll hear "spares" shouted from dozens of them all along the queues. That said there's always that chance you'll be the unlucky one that gets fined for it. 

Can you not put them on Stubhub? 

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