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  1. Encouraged by the 3 signings for a net spend of 1.5 million. Whether we like it or not we have to assume we're done signing wingers so our only major hole left to fill is RB. While most of us expect Kean gone, he's the backup ST we need until he officially leaves. GK: Pickford Begovic J Virginia RB: Coleman Kenny CB: Godfrey Keane Mina Holgate Branthwaite LB: Digne Nkounkou CM: Allan Doucoure Delph Gomes Gbamin Davies Wingers: Richarlison Gray Iwobi Gordon Townsend No10: James Siggy ST: DCL Kean Tosun Perfect world: buy Dumfries or Aarons, buy Kouliabaly or Lenglet, buy McNeil or Saint-Maximin, buy backup ST. Sell Keane Delph Gomes Iwobi Kean Tosun. Loan J Virginia Kenny Branthwaite Gordon. Minimum: buy Dumfries or Aarons. Sell Delph Iwobi Tosun. Loan J Virginia Kenny Branthwaite Gordon.
  2. Been thinking about that last point a lot. Well said. Rafa may not have liked him when he was surrounded by class at Madrid but he’d have to be a blind squirrel to not see the gulf in class between him and any of other midfield options. Here’s to hoping he stays so Goodison can give him the love he deserves.
  3. There haven't been many big signings other than the free agents and Sancho at Utd so I'm not worried yet and willing to wait out the market, but by July 31 i'd like to see us make a lot of progress. SOLD: DELPH, IWOBI, Siggy, Tosun, Kean, Bernard IN: RB, Winger with some f***ing pace, striker
  4. That was the highlight for me as well. As everyone is suggesting these pressers are largely useless because all experienced managers know the playbook but I found that part very interesting. A lot of reading between the lines but it's clear Carlo's style may not have fit the players we have. We felt that as fans at times but interesting to 'hear' it from Rafa. Also on the James/Seamus comments, I don't think there is anything in that at all. He said he didnt want to talk about individual players and he didn't really talk about Seamus other than to say his role as captain is important. Nothing about his impact on the pitch. Generally speaking I left with a good feeling. My concern has been and will continue to be the squad. It's far more shambolic than the manager. We need to get rid of 5-6 and bring in 2-3.
  5. When do we expect him back with squad…does he get a break after olympics or fly right to us?
  6. Assuming this has something to do with the home kit.
  7. Been quiet here just absorbing the conversation mainly because I don't know enough about managers to judge them prior to what we see on the pitch. Here's what I know: my brother is a huge Newcastle fan and he absolutely loves Rafa From my perspective we have been a soft team for far too long Many of our best players (DCL, Richarlison, Allan, and James) are going to be looking for a manager with a great CV. All for different reasons, mind you. The identity of the club will always matter most to me. Of course i want to win trophies but I will find another club if we lose our identity. I support Rafa's appointment and I hope that with ownership's faith and a DoF in Brands this can be a job he can succeed in. Honestly I'm still most interested in how the hell we get rid of Iwobi, Siggy and Delph.
  8. Thank you for sharing. That was a very interesting read. I didn't realize that Liverpool had a relatively tight budget during Rafa's tenure. I actually feel like he did well when you factor in the fees. One or two big misses but everyone has those, and yes he missed on a ton of the 'cheap' signings but that is true for every manager/club. His transfer record certainly doesn't scare me away from him becoming our manager. Never ever ever the managers fault for the wages being paid to players. That is down entirely to the club hierarchy. In our case I trust Brands to hold serve and keep wages in check. As he did with all the players Carlo wanted.
  9. As soon as i saw the team sheet i knew Vlasic would score the goal to crush my beloved Scotland. Gosh darnit.
  10. No need to go down an extended rabbit hole here. I guess it's a matter of perspective and while I agree with some of what you said above overall I feel that a DoF and more funds could help Moyes (or Roberto) be successful. On Moyes I don't see it the same way as you in terms of contracts, bids and the like. And if we're going to say Moyes called Everton fans a disgrace we're going to have to trust every fan's first-hand accounts of private interactions. No thanks.
  11. Come on Romey that's BS and you know it. Moyes has the best record since Kendall and Roberto set the PL points record. They have a proven track record of success here. Failure too granted, but success is important. Marco Silva is a bum. Hiring a manager for 2nd time isn't living in the past, it is analyzing the situation and trying to figure out who is best. We all have different opinions on who that should be but living in the past has nothing to do with it. If i recall correctly Kendall did ok the 2nd time around? Real Madrid the biggest club in the world who could have the pick of the litter just 'recycled' with Carlo. Had Zidane twice as well. Jose won titles in two different spells at Chelsea. It is possible to be successful the 2nd time around.
  12. David Moyes is my preferred choice, but I will back whoever we hire 100%
  13. Completely agree. 10-15m would probably be the price, unless there is a free agent out there but I'd argue what the heck are we doing with Nkounkou if we/Carlo still don't think he's ready to backup Digne after a full year on the training ground.
  14. No thanks. He performed admirably when needed but if there is one thing everyone on this forum can agree on it has to be that he is not a RB or LB. The modern game demands two fullbacks who are adept at going forward. Also, Godfrey is our best CB - moving him to fullback in an emergency causes an emergency at CB. Lastly, I felt this way all year about RB. Godfrey and Holgate did the best they could but it was nowhere near PL standard. It was a complete black hole. A good RB would have helped us at both ends of the pitch. Our CBs and Digne would have had a better structure and not overcompensate defensively, and a good RB would have created more chances going forward.
  15. You never want to see a 5-0 loss but I can think of no better time for it. Confirmation of major changes needed this summer. In Carlo and Marcel we trust.
  16. We all saw this win coming. Absolutely delighted. Ben Godfrey is not human. Josh King is completely useless.
  17. If I didn't have a wife and two kids I would absolutely bet my mortgage that he doesn't stay in England.
  18. Dont care how ugly it was. We won at Arsenal for the first time what 25 years, and at a crucial point in our season. That's enough for me. Now let's play well at home and get 3 more from Villa. COYB
  19. Haha agreed. Yes it was/is Iwobi. Useless and by far Brands' worst signing.
  20. Plenty to debate here but for the most part I agree. The biggest thing for me is only one expensive miss. We had far too many of those with Walsh. We can miss on prospects all day, and we will, but when we spend 20m+ we need someone guaranteed to make the squad better. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2021/4/21/22285944/marcel-brands-signs-new-everton-contract-latest-grading-all-his-everton-signings-transfer-window
  21. One to keep an eye on this summer is Jerome Boateng. Free agent and played for Carlo at Bayern. No opinion on the player just saying the journos will eventually connect dots and we will be linked. Only Brands and co. will know if it's genuine interest.
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