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James Vaughan


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When James Vaughan played in the mini derby the other night where they beat RS 2-1 and James Vaughan scored. Does that mean he is going to be available to select from the first team?


It says on the Everton website, "VAUGHAN'S TRIBUTE", http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/vaughan-s-tribute.html.


"James Vaughan has paid tribute to the Everton medical team after coming through the toughest year of his footballing life to score the winning goal in this week's mini-derby victory over Liverpool."


It says that his injury is over, i would love to see him playing along side AJ. What Does Everyone else think?

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Baby steps. Let's not forget his injuries are now conisdred career threatening ( Another Knee blow out & it could be all over) so slowly, slowly, slowly bring him back.


We do for a change have some other options.


Victor - Bt - MfAdd - Cahill even to partner behind AJ for now.


Though, a few mins here n their in cup games etc etc with a steady flow of reserve footy can only benefit.


Last thing the lad needs is raised expectations from us lot.

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Guest blueboy122

james vaughen is being linked a possible loan switch to tranmere, before tonights game vs port vale it would be good for the lad even its only for 1-2 months.


barmy army

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I'd be happy for him to go there, they are doing well at the minute and if they continue to do so with him scoring goals then it can only do his confidence and fitness good


Yeah that would be a great move for him. Regular football, and all within easy sight of Moyesie and Bellefield!


Be great to see him back, but agree that we shouldn't pile too much expectation on him at the moment. Wait and see. But with Vic and Vauhgnie, we have 2 excellent young strikers keeping the slightly more "estbalished stars" on their toes! GREAT NEWS!!! :D

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