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Echo On Paul Gregg


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At the end of the day its grubby writting rather typical of the echo nowadays,i care not a jot about who he left/shagged to me its simply NOT news.


Just gossip

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"Their mother, Paul Gregg's first wife Jetta, killed herself in 1969, aged 30.


The boys then spent their youth in children's homes and were passed from relative to relative as their father built a new life with his mistress, Anita Allison, and her family.


Both the brothers have criminal records, and Bob has spent time in prison.


The pair believe their brushes with the law are down to their troubled childhoods - but insist they have now rebuilt their lives.


Tony, an ex-serviceman, and Bob, a dustman, now both in their 40s, told of their relief at finally getting access to their social services files."


not hard to imagine why their mother committed suicide! :(


i'm certainly glad he is no longer part of Everton f.c.

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wether its news or gossip its still a terrible thing to do to your own kids

There is 2 sides to every story..but of course history is littered with this sort of thing,truth is mainly becuase he had a few bob they run the "story" if he was a smackhead from glasgow nothing would be heard and they would be glad to be rid of him..

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