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Romey 1878

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Coz some of us have jobs that require 16 hr shifts on ocassion......... :D:D:D


Lightweight, I remember when we used to do 38 hour shifts with only 30 seconds for a lunchbreak of cold gravel and warm piss, a 15 mile walk home and then getting up 2 hours before we went to bed........etc,etc,etc. :D





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Didnt say I actually do anyhting, just appear then clock off....... :lol::lol::lol:


Nah had Head up the Ass of an Iranian ( Nightmare) Grain Carrier for about 36 of the past 48 hrs.


All the Bombs have been strategically placed & concealed, sitting back now awaitng the fire works show. ( 2 be fair this fecker would go up without to much external assistance & I wish them brave sailors the best of luck)


So aplogies for delay in getting Poll & Tipping ladders up but as a famous australian stated just as the noose tightend around his neck on the Gallows...." Such Is Life "....... :D

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