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A Moan About Our Shirt Stockist


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After hearing at the end of last season or when ever it was that JJB would be the main supplier of our stock I was happy when after getting back from my holiday towards the end of September that a JJB gym and shop had opened at our nearest shopping centre (Westwood x).


I thought to my self that I would get the away shirt that I saw on holiday and thought was very nice. Off I trundle to the shop to find out they only had the home shirts. Being told that they were still unpacking stock I should come back in a week and they should have some. 1 week later still no shirts but all stock would be unpacked over the weekend. Tuesdays comes and no away shirts, however they will order me one in. 4 weeks later and still no shirt I cancel my order (at this point they didn't take any details even though telling me when I ordered it that there was a few people waiting for a shirt so not sure if they cancelled all of them or just mine without knowing my name.


Anyway I already new from past attempts that the other nearest one (Canterbury) don't stock them.


So on Saturday when Everton are playing Bolton I say to myself that if they win I would then get the away shirt when I go to Lakeside on Sunday.


Win they do and go looking for a shirt.


JJB in lakeside only have the home shirt.


However not to be disappointed I note that there is a JJB superstore on the outskirts.


As we leave go in there all prepared to get the away shirt and I am sure you can guess where this is going.




Now I know its not the end of the season but I have been trying to get a shirt since the end of September.


What I can't understand is why the 4 nearest JJB I have gone to none of them stock the away shirt and can't even get one in in over 8 weeks.


Not only that they don't even stock anything else of the other products.


Sorry moan over.

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Don't know how JJB are around Liverpool now but I've had similar experiences down here Adam. Firstly they were complete crap, lied continually and very late on Josh's pre-ordered home shirt at the start of the season...eventually got a very apologetic email from Ian Ross..part of which was...


...you aren't the only supporter who has encountered problems with our

retail operation in recent weeks.....you are right - you should have had (at the very least) a full

apology from us....I know it's late in the day and that retail isn't my field of

authority or expertise but....sorry!

I do believe that things are getting better....we have impressed upon JJB that

they MUST treat our supporters with courtesy and professionalism........I think

the message has now got through etc....

So, apologies again......






Stock levels of anything are still pathetic down here though, we have two JJB's in Exeter (including a big "out of town" one) and one in Taunton and they never have anything but the home shirt (strangely I just got last seasons away and third shirt in Taunton for £10 each, they had rackfuls of them in all sizes..figure that!).

Then on the morning of the derby in September I was out buying my paper in little old Tiverton and popped into the tiny Tony Pryce Sports in town and fuck me if they didn't have two away shirts :o , one conveniently in my size :D ...paid over the odds but money well spent.


Apparently the JJB deal is adding about £2m a year to the club, but they're still shite out here in the wild west!

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Your right Steve it would be easier to get them on line. However wasn't planning on getting one and only thought about it when saw it on holiday and then when the new JJB opened thought I would get it. Then it took 4 weeks to get nowwhere with JJB forgot about it untill I went to Lakeside.

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i dont want to sound like a muppet, but wouldnt it be easier to get them from the online Everton shop? i got mine on release day posted to my desk at work


Buy a lot from the online shop...the prob with Josh's shirt was with the online shop though. But I think theyre losing out on sales. It's one thing to look at the site and think, "shit I really want one of those" but then rationalise and decide you can't really afford it. I wasn't going to get an away shirt this year but seeing one and touching it and feeling it I was left with no choice...it spoke to me (said "buy me and we'll win 3-0" actually :lol: ) and I had to have it! They'd sell a lot more if they were available I'm sure.

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I once ordered a shirt on line.


By the time it had arrived...Hafnia were no longer our major backers...!!!


Irony @ it's finest really in hindsight & in regards to sponsors.


From a Dog food sponsor 2 now a beer sponsor, thats product tastes like Dog Food.

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