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Romey 1878

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Syamntics mate.


i.e 1 in the same thing or completely diff animals.


Depends on the context that the board was implemnted under.


I personally would say a forum is more the communitty, regular open communications etc etc etc.


Whilst & again personally would say a message board is just that. a place to leave information, details etc regarding pretty much anyhting an event, organisation, group or whatever.


Though mark mate...LOL...sum 1 esle will no doubt say something completely diffo 2 me & you no what they prob wouldnt be wrong.


Prob worth researchin thuru mate as thier prob is some PC ETTIQUETE Bullshit ( That seems ever more to be creeping in to no mans land the net) made up by some comittee of fukin Nigel's somewhere.


Geez thanks Pat that cleared the issue right up.

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So what you're saying Pat is that they could be the same thing but then again they could be classed in different categories? Lol thanks anyway mate, I'll find out somehow. Its funny you mention community though because thats exactly what my coursework is about.

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LOl...yeh well to throw a further spanner in the works Toffetalk is an even stranger Beast.


I would say both.


Has uno a strong regular community of pretty tight reg posters. Whilst also displays football info & @ times news etc etc , interviews etc that could I suppose be classed as more message boardy.


Suppsoe the occasional ticket seeker would be using this as a message board in search of a ticket, rather than using it like we do as an actual living thriving breathing community.


Again Context to me seems a big player.


And is a bit like saying to the regulars this would/could be a Forum...But tot he readers & mutes ( Non posters) it could be a message board, purely a source of info.


Potato- potaaaato- Tomato-Tomaaato...!!!


Ide be intersetd to hear an offical line or take on this out of curiosity.


When ya find the answer Mark, let us no mate.

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Forum....Place of assembly, or meeting place for public discussion, and the opportunity to debate.


Message board....Allowing for transmitting a written communication from one person to another, without personal contact.



Is there any Difference,? its six of one and half a dozen of the other. Take your pick.

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