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David Nugent


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seeing him score last night made me want nugent at Everton even more. but i had an idea of how we can get him


3 million plus vaughn boyle ruddy and mark hughes on loan.



it benefits preston as they get money and players and we benefit as our players get some experience at championship level and of course we get a young fast strong striker who can score.


just a thought though itl never happen what do you guys/gals think

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Anyone seen the Championship table ?


1 in & 3 out or whatever is Ridculous unless we sign about 6 players in January.


Here's hopin VDM will go back to the Netherlands & open up a few more strings in the purse to further reinforce.


Coz the cupboards funkin bare & it showed 2 day.

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We are a bit short of players once three or four of our best 15 are out. You just had to look at the subs bench last night.


I think we need cover for most positions on the pitch.


Beattie now has to go if any reasonable intrest is shown in him in January. At a push Victor and McFadden can play as our first choice second striker, but would like to see Nugent come in his place.


I also agree that having missed last season - half a season with a club pushing for promotion in the Championship would help Vaughan no end.


I would also like Sidwell, Nolan or even Joey Barton come as midfeild cover.


And if Kieren Richardson was available at a reasonable fee I think he would stregthen our wide areas, get VDM off the pay role to help cover any move for a winger.


SWP on loan in January if that was was at all possibility would be ideal - but see West Ham and Man City or even any other London club in front of us for him if he was available.


I think we need to see some fair quality Championship players come in.


With Lesscott, AJ and Cahill examples of the players we have picked up for the lower divisons, then I am not bothered if Moyes does all his shopping from there.

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Finally even Rob comes round to the fact BT is waste of money and i agree wholeheartedly with your post..but i have to ask where would the money come from?


At the rate slackarse is showing we'd be lucky to get anywhere near what we paid for him..6 mill wasted on that lad.

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I have to say Fozzie, Beattie has been a big disapointment - still think he is a player who could come good, but not at Goodison Park now - Shame. If he was able to show the form he had for 3 or 4 months last year I would be more than happy - But that has proved to be the exception rather than the norm. He has got a month to prove he can get back to that level, but I feel it is now to late for his at Goodison as 3 month form in 2 year is not acceptable.


In that breath, I still think we would get the best part of £5M for him. Newcastle and Middlesbrouugh are both said to be interested and maybe Villa.


We are not going to pay £5M for Nugent (unless its some performance related bonus payments- which is fair enough). I would think more in the line of £3M plus maybe Vaughan on loan. If his knee is not healed he shouldn't be playing full stop - the Championship isn't Ultimate Fighter he should be more than capable of 'surviving' it, and would be a good experience for him to be playing all high level competative football.


We may get a £1M or so for VDM.


But if Beattie and VDM are off the wage bill - then this will free up wages for two other decent players.


So if these two player go, I think there would be enough for Nugent + another £3M available to spend.


Wages would be more than covered as Beattie and VDM are up there as top earners.

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