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Aj And Beattie?


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Been concerned about BT from the off,he's waste and should be got rid of,AJ is a stayer who is suffering from exceded expectations from us after his goalscoring feats when he first arrived.

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i still think bt should be given a chance at least up until jan but we would need to bring someone in 1st before we get rid


but i would prefer to bring in a proven goalscorer than taking a chance on nugent


but i think DM will stick with him till the summer at least


plus if we sell BT then you can guarentee he will come back to haunt us


plus nugent has again come out and again said he's staying till the end of the season.

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i know AJ hasnt scored since citeh. but hes putting the effort in. hes running for lost causes and that creates chances and corners. he runs at defenders and does have a few shots on goal.


hes goin through a barren spell. who doesnt. im not that concerned because hes trying his absolute hardest. as for BT he needs to lose a stone or 2 and put some bloody effort in like he did last season.

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alot of car cliches. i like it lol.


we need arteta in the centre with VDM on the wings. arteta can then put killer balls throught to AJ whilst VDM can put crosses in for cahill/Anichebe/vaughn/BT and of course with cahill in the side we can score goals.


all we need is a left winger who can score goals.


Joe Cole.


I have said in other threads he must want regular 1st team footie, we could offer that to him, I don't think he would break the bank tranfer fee wise, but wages may well be an issue.





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Cole wouldnt come here..why would he?


First team football means fuck all when your drawing big money nowadays,plus we're a northern club that will always count against us

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i thought that bt would be a great signing when we got him.


and when aj came along i thought they would be a great partnership and both would benefit from it. sadly bt seems to have lost his touch entirely.


i can see him finishing up like jeffers, all promise but no delivery.



even if bt does get a goal or two, (that would enhance is price!), i would still be inclined to sell him and try to signup another proven striker. same with faddie. he's a great premiership player. scottish premiership that is!


weve gotta couple of promising youngsters coming along but we have to score more goals right now.

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Tbh Beattie wasnt fat when he was at Southampton, he's been a completely different player since he signed for, I dont know what's happened to him.

He was woefully unfit when he signed..we discussed that at the time..he had man tits for fucks sake..thats how unfit he was.

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