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Brian Mc Bride


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what a shame. looks like a guy who would have given his all for the club, unlike some of the others we've signed since. how much is that kind of commitment worth?

Aye a fraction of the price of the wastrel BT he would have been a decent enough siging thats for sure.

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McBride has done well at Fulham, but he is getting on a bit to be honest, so buying a player of 33 year old isn't really moving forward, just a quick fit. If we have paid £2M at 33 years old, most of us would not seen it as moving forward.


Not many players still cut the mustard at 35 -36, so him still going well now is more of an acception rather than the norm. So fair does to him.

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He was Im sure I recall considred to be too much the wrong side of 30.


However, he has made monkeys of that.


Solid Pro Indeed.

shevva at chelsea £30 mill..now that a waste of money


Once again we just couldnt afford him

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To be honest, if we would have bought him there would have been an uproar on this, 'hes too old, the clubs moving backwards' etc. (I probably would have been one of them, I liked him but the age was a worry)


He was a good player for us, but he was pushing it age wise then and it was a gamble, we didnt want another 30 plus player on 30 plus a week....we already had two of them ;)


Fulham gambled and it paid off, its only a quick fix though and it could have gone wrong.


Hindsight is a beautiful thing ;)

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