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Managerial Casualty Pt 2..

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Now that Reggie has gone from Pompey who's next? My money is on "Mr Man Management" Souness and it seems I'm not alone...


from "Newcastle online"


Graeme Souness - 2/10



The final grains of sand are surely running through Souness’ Newcastle egg timer. Yes, Michael Owen was absent, as were Steven Taylor and Kieron Dyer, and as we know they are proper players. Yes, we should have been awarded a penalty when James McFadden handled Ameobi’s goal bound effort. None of those factors can possibly excuse a simply woeful 2nd half performance where we were second best in every department. His substitutions also left me wondering. Babayaro off was fine, but to bring Luque on and then move poor Charles N’Zogbia to left back was a daft move. He then brought on Bowyer in place of Solano which left us playing a left-midfielder at left-back, and 3 central midfielders in a 4-4-2. The chief tactic seems to be for Given to launch long balls in the direction of Ameobi and Shearer, which totally negates the creative element of Emre, N’Zogbia and Solano in our midfield. Simply hopeless

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I watched it and it should have been about 5 nil to wigan, Noocastle were crap, looks like the wheels have fell off again







Not that I dont like them or nothin

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i nearly stumped a lot of cash on wigan for that game but then some geordie supportin wanker started banging on about how newcastle were gonna play much better after their shite weekend performance and wigan are playing their reserve side. so after a bit of banter i left it.


bastards...odds of more than 2/1 for wigan, even before he said he wasn't putting out a full side for some reason everyone had decided newcastle were favourites. fuck knows why!

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