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Red Shite Takeover

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The investment company interested in a takeover of Liverpool has dismissed allegations it plans to sell the club in 2014 after making a huge profit.

The claim against Dubai International Capital was made in an article in the Daily Telegraph and it also said funds for new players would not be available.


But a DIC source said: "DIC has not yet formally made an offer, never mind completed a deal.


"Certainly there are no plans to exit an acquisition not even yet bought."


The source added: "It (DIC) is a very serious investor with considerable resources at its disposal and the ability to take a long-term view.


"Equally, we believe that we understand the responsibilities that come with owning Liverpool Football Club.


"DIC has made it clear that, should a deal be concluded, it would not interfere in the day-to-day running of the club."


The takeover by DIC, an investment arm of Dubai's government, is supposed to be worth £450m and is expected to include £200m to build a new 60,000-capacity stadium.


"What DIC is doing is planning to make sure that, if a deal is done, Liverpool has the best possible funding in place going forward under DIC stewardship," said the source.


"This is particularly important as we would need to get on with the stadium early in 2007 and it takes time to sort out the necessary financing.


"This is also important in terms of making sure cash is available for the ongoing strengthening of the playing squad.


"Should DIC acquire the club, Liverpool will be well run, both on and off the pitch, and we are currently laying the groundwork to ensure that will be the case."

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