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The 5th Test

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Seriously, Cricket is a big ball of shite, covered in a layer of shite, and what's more no-one gives a shite.


How the f*ck can you follow a game that takes over three weeks to play, that ain't right.


90 mins or f*ck off, even one day is too f*cking long.



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I have never really played cricket seriously, and never been a fan of it. However, having caught bits of it on TalkSport and on SkySports, it think it is obvious that we have become a bit of a laughing stock.


Its a shame too. Once a world leader in most things we put our mind to, we now are the underdog on a regular basis. It amazes me that we still get built up with all of the hype in any national competition, only to be dejected and downhearted on every occassion, (with the odd expection, including the Rugby World Cup and last years ashes).



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I honestly think the rot starts with the Govt & education system i.e developing sport.


Some of the facilities & programmes High schools ( USA/Australia etc) have in many foreign countries, put many UK senior semi / Professional sports & clubs to shame.


In any endeavour professional set ups cannot support & do not support total grass root develpoment.


And that's where the Stars of tomorrow come from.

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