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Xbox 360


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Has anyone brought one? if so any good???


Nearly brought one last night (as Tesco had nine in stock for the first 9 customers) however the other half said we can't afford it cos of just buying our first house.




Sell the house, bin the bird, buy the X-Box and find a shag buddy to satisfy those other needs :lol:


Oh and no i aint got the new X-Box :lol:

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I very nearly did that last night but she had the house keys on her so wouldn't have got back in. Wouldn't have minded sleeping the car that night but wouldn't have been anywhere to plug the xbox360 into so pointless  :lol:

Its a computer console - I am sure that you will get over it...


What would you rather have - someone who cooks, cleans and blows you off or a computer console that will be out of date in a year!?!

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Guest fozzie22
I read that FIFA 06 for the 360 sucks big time tho...

Even if i hadnt sold my soul for my new PC i wouldnt have one..ive never bought any console on release day mainly becuase of a lock of great games for them,it'll take a year or two before devolpers get to grips with it and push out games that justify the high price.

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