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What Is This Song...


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Please help, I need to find out what this song is, however, I do not know who it is by, or what it is called (a good start then!


All I know is that it has a catch line of "So why do you wanna go put stars in their eyes?"






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its sounds more like an inde song...kinda like The Streets or something along those lines I think...


I has had a lot of radio play but I have never heard who it is by or what it is called. I dont even particularly like it, but it is driving me mad!



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lol...I did try that...but I was putting the whole catchline in..."So Why You Wanna Got Putting Stars In Their Eyes" and when I did try to put "Stars In Their Eyes" in the search bar, all I got was frickin Matthew Kelly and his old show! DOH!


Anyway, thanks fella's, much appreciated! Just downloaded the full album now.



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