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If I post my questionnaire for my psychology dissertation research up here would any of you guys be able to answer it? It's 27 questions long and it is multiple choice so is there any chance that if I put a link to it on somewhere like yousendit, you could download it highlight your answers and email it to me please? It's all multiple choice and would only take about 5 mins to do and I won't be collecting any personally identifiable info anyway. It's about mobile phone usage whilst driving so I only need responses from people who can drive. If you could fill one in could you just put a yes in this topic and if I get a few responses I will post it. Thanks if you could do this it would be much appreciated cos then I won't have to go out onto the streets of Manchester to ask randomers :)


Thanks in advance people

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More the merrier really, but if you could get some female participants that would help since every one on this board is male and I already seem to be getting a greater number of male responses at the moment and prob need to even it out a little. But thanks for whatever you can do it is all much appreciated.

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Hey people, thought I would just resurrect this topic for a second, am wondering if anyone else fancies completing my questionnaire :) I had a good response from you guys but this weekend I have finally gotten round to comparing the results and I need to find 9 more people to do it. The questionnaire is about attitudes to using mobile phones whilst driving and I only need people who can drive to do it. I had responses from: Mikeo, FCSSL, Trueblue, Pat and Andy so thanks again for that guys. If anyone else could fill one in I would appreciate it cos I need to compare my results by the end of tomorrow :( If anyone else can help either post in this thread or send me a PM and I will send you a copy of the questionnaire.


Cheers guys

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I had to get my results done over the weekend so I went on a mad last gasp dash to get as many completed forms as I could hence the post here and I have now got the 100 I needed but thanks for volunteering Zed it's appreciated. If I am ever doing another one of these things again which I hope is never you will be the first one I ask to fill in one of my questionnaires :D

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