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Sly's In Town


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Yoh Saaaaccccer Is my Game.


You have read it all wrong folks Sly Gen rates himself after the fine film mentioned by Mac ( E 2 V ) :unsure:



In Secret Howard has spat his dummy - Moyes will never play Teflon again...so keep an eye on our #1 this weekend.


I think Jooleeeooon has a slight Adriiiiaaannn ring to it...!!!



Make a cracking poll... Alt Keepr - Teflon or Sly.

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any 1 care if rocky died? why is everyone wankin of him he talks like he hasnt taken a shit in 10 years and how many points did it get us against a poor side at home??????



Bit harsh, has he personally done something to you? And no one is wanking off him and saying he helped us on the pitch, but he sure as hell didnt disadvantage us either.

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