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Cricket Tonight

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As soon as KP charged that short ball & played a drop shot with his rib cage I new we was goner's.


As now is he for the rest of the series.


We may struggle to deal with New Zealand, let alone the Big Bully's.


And Jimmy Anderson would be best advised to not piss Ponting off.


Espec when youre nothing but Pop Gun pace.

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He kept delib running in front of Ponting when he was sposed to give way i.e when Batsman running between Wickets.


Plenty of heated exchanges & inspired Ponting to a NOT OUT.....:rolleyes:


Y/Day saw the Mozzies Limp to nealry 300 of 50 & NZ bowled pretty damn well :o


The boy white from the 20-20 is in Mozzy ODI side now & hit 1 Ball in 2 the Funkin Street...LOL It went sky high & came down , hit the roof of a tower upon a stand & bounced off down the street.

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Whisper it...we've (Anderson & Lewis) bowled ourselves into a small chance of winning this one...Oz 110-6 chasing 156. 19 overs left so we'll have to bowl them out but a chink of hope.


Edit...a few short moments later...that'll teach me to keep my fucking mouth shut :( .

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""Edit...a few short moments later...that'll teach me to keep my fucking mouth shut""



Mike, our tail does'nt wag but theirs does. But the game was won before it started.

All out for 155 without even batting for the alloted fifty overs just endorses how poor we are, we didnt have a hope in hell.

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Yeh bat our 50 - even only scored a further 50 & would have been a tight finish.


We need players who can improvise in the top order. Too Many text book players.


Mal looked good early, But Bell etc just get tied down - Then get out - Aslo our running between wickets is awful & the Ozzies pick up 30+ more singles a game than we ever do.


Something in that.


Must say though that their fielders stalk like cats & throw like baseballers.

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Another totally inept non-performance from the Cream of English cricketers.


All out for 110 in 35 overs, once again they cant even stay in long enough to bat for the 50 overs, and the last 5 wickets fell for a measly 7 runs. :blink:


Australia cruise to 111 from 25 overs for the loss of only 1 wicket.


Another abysmal show to make us a laughing stock across the Globe.

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I honestly had no clue - I had a lil ceremony thing to attend yday & pick up my Native tree & certificate, they give ya 1 as a symbol of re birth or planting roots or some shiote - Though better than a plaque or soem crap @ least it's eco friendly.


Got home about 7pm my time, switched on telly to watch the evening session & some re run crap was on...I thought maybe it rained ?


Yep, rained wkts 3/9 the 5/7 OMG apparently the game was just on over in the time 1 innings should take.


Rekon Freddie is growing that beard to come home incognito. Cant balme him.


Anyhows, whatever is whatever & I will always cheer the beloved LION in all walks - just wouldnt mind a little roar from time 2 time :)

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