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Zeds Big Five


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Here are my Top Five Everton players of all time


1. William Ralph Dean (say no more)

2. Graeme Sharp (The hero of my teens)

3. Howard Kendal (One of our best players, our best manager)

4. Duncan Ferguson (Infamous? Legend? overrated?, Wast of talent? a big place in our history though)

5. Kevin Sheedy (Great left foot. SHEEDY SHEEDY SHEEDY SHEEDY)


My memory doesn't stretch past the eighties and although there are some legends from previous decades, I goin on my personal favs


They are mine, how about yours

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Players who I have seen.


Campbell - first two seasons, He should never have been offered that 35k per week contract, most of it went to mark morrison anyway!


Amokachi - I just have a soft spot for him.

Duncan - The bad boy of the group - shame he didnt play in midfield. His goalscoring record would have been good then! ;)


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1. Dean (for the history and all that is right about football)

2. Hickson (true gent, loves the club like we all do)

3. Sharpy (modern day hero)

4. Nev (one of the greatest keepers the world has seen)

5. Horne (not really sure why, apart from his obvious fling with a certain mr Davies, i have a soft spot for the guy)

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