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Opinion Please

Romey 1878

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I know little of such things...Josh's laptop was only £350.00 and has only 256 RAM which was fine 'til he got "Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth" for Christmas. Runs very slowly when it gets into big scenes. Looks a good one to me though Mark.

Useful site though StevO, want to upgrade mine (which is also only 256) to do some serious video editing. It's coming out as £16 to upgrade to 512 or £54 to add an extra 1GB. Questions...


Is the performance going to be that much better on the more expensive option?

How easy is it to do...like when you open the back is it obvious where the card goes?

How easy is it to upgrade a laptop?



Sorry if I've hijacked your thread a bit Mark :unsure:

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