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thought i would introduce myself, im a true blue through and through (ha that rhymed) I was born in Liverpool but now live in cantrbury.. i hate not being able to get too godison more often but still manage a fair few trips up t 'north a season.


My first everton game was Everton Vill in 94 at Villa park, a boring nil nil with samways having a goal disallowed, however it was enough to get me hooked.


My favourite game i have been too was everton Qpr in 94 as well (i think) It was my birthday and we won 3-2 scoring the winning goal in the last minute. brilliant. then on the way home we stopped at KFC to be told they had no chicken left becasue, and i quote "we've had a bit of a run on chicken today" You don;t say!


err i also love film, just finished a degree in Film and Drama at kent uni.


also love music, but hey, who doesn't


thats all for now



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Welcome to the forum mate.


So you finished uni, guess all you have to do is enter the big brave world of getting a job :o:P

(says me who is in my 4th year at uni, and no thats not because I failed, I did a 2 year course and now a 3 year course :rolleyes: parents weren't too pleased)


Anyway, I'm sure you'll fit right in, we have people from all corners of the world on here let alone the four corners of the UK :D

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