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Did you know baseball is actually a English game ;)


It's called rounders and it's played by girlies...typical bloody Americans, play either girlie games like rounders and netball and as soon as there's any physical contact (Gridiron, Ice Hockey) they put on dirty great suits of armour and helmets so as not to hurt each other. Don't know why they don't just all wear pink and be honest about it :lol::lol: !

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Well don't know the whole history but in 1740/1750's the word baseball was mentioned in a book or newspaper thing and then 20-40 years later its first mentioned in America.


After checking the dates I found this on wikipedia...


The earliest known mention of the sport is in a 1744 British publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, by John Newbery. It contains a wood-cut illustration of boys playing "base-ball," showing a set-up roughly similar to the modern game, and a rhymed description of the sport. The earliest known American reference to the game was published in a 1791 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, statute that prohibited the playing of baseball within 80 yards of the town's new meeting house. The English novelist Jane Austen made a reference to children playing "base-ball" on a village green in her book Northanger Abbey, which was written between 1798 and 1803 (though not published until 1818).

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