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Best Video Game Series Of All Time


Best series ever?  

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  1. 1. what is your favourite video game series of all time?

    • Mario
    • Sonic
    • Street Fighter
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Resident Evil
    • Silent Hill
    • Final Fantasy
    • Metal Gear
    • FIFA
    • PES
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Zelda
    • Half-Life + Mods
    • Tomb Raider

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took me a while to think of them! well ive got to say and im sure its no surprise to anyone but my favourite series has got to be resident evil! theres a couple more in there that i love but you just cant beat marauding those zombies,i know too much about them games to even think of them as games anymore :blink:

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Bionicle heroes, Jak & Ratchet are the hits in our households.


Though Mario & sonic do get a hit out So on behalf of my lads I will vote Sonic ( they have sonic DVD's 2).


The rest is a mystery 2 me - cant wait till they get to the Racing car age games.


Suzuki AllStar racing was my last or most modern game...Late 80's I think.

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Champ/FM defo wins for me, started playing years ago on CM2 and got everyone since then. Agreed that CM01/02 was the best though, bloody loved that game got it too :| although all the new features on the fm series are brilliant. Wasted too much of my life on that game...


But out of the votes I'm torn between PES and Mario...think I'll go for the Italian Plumber :D

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I'm not convinced the one due out will be up to what's gone before, but for me it would Gran Tourismo.


PGR is getting close, and Forza may have a good go as best racing game too.



you can probably tell I'm a driving game fan, but biggest omission from the list - Halo.




I was never a turn based game fan either, but one of the best ever was UFO:Enemy Unknown (better known to most as the first in the X-Com series).

you can get it free at abandonia.com

it's top of the list of most popular.

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Not sure I can vote on this to be honest.


Can't compare Zelda and PES or Mario and GTA.


Mario and Sonic when I was growing up was the games to play but for me it was Sonic.


Fav football game is PES but I love playing Zelda games but don't agreee with Craccer best one is Link to the Past.


Love GTA and also all the resident Evil games.


All different Genre's so near impossible for me to pick I game but if I go for what I play the most it would be PES.

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