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What Should The Club Do With The Tv Money?



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  1. 1. What should the club do with the TV money?

    • Save it for a rainy day
    • Clear the 30yr loan (saving millions in interest)
    • Invest in the playing squad
    • Reduce ticket prices
    • Reduce merchandise prices
    • Donate some to the Everton Collection
    • Earmark it for higher player wages

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Why would the bank let us pay off the remainder of the loan when they are guaranteed to make more taking it out of our gate receipts? They consolidated our debts to make money not do us a favour. I think this TV money is a crucial point for Everton and it has to be spent wisely on players but I have a strong suspicion it is already ear marked for the stadium and someone elses pockets.


I would like to say that I trust our antequated board members with tens of millions but based on past experience I don't. Way back the money for Jeffers, Ball, Dacourt and Barmby all dissapeared without a trace and the big boost the Shrek sale was supposed to give our squad saw us spend no more than usual. Managers have come and gone but our debt and financial acumen has always been poorly managed.

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bluetrip - with any loan you always have the right to pay it off early (there would just be a penalty, but still less than the interest)


i cant really answer the poll with one go.

we have about £36m coming, correct?


we need the france collection, would we miss half a million to just get this sorted? (also im pissed of KW said we wouldnt have a museum! the most important collection in footballing history and we wont be displaying it full of pride for the history of our great club, makes me think what the hell is going on upstairs!


we need to invest in the squad, which will probably also need to be used for the wages.


i wouldnt lower any prices (for a prem team we are still pretty cheap, so i can take the high prices for now)


clearing the loan would help, maybe not pay all of it off, but say a £10m lump payment for the next 3 years would significantly help, and also would leave a lot of cash left over for the other option.


consider my vote void

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I would like to see about 15 million go on players... imagine if we made buys as good as johnson and lescott again, a left winger and a C.M possibly fernandes. any thing we get for players (beattie) should go back in2 the 30 million Ticket prices are fine for me.. and maybe a slight increase in the wage cap.. 5,000 or so? its going to have to happen at some point anyway..

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first and fourmost you've got too look at the team.it's weak in both quality and quantity in various areas and that does 'nt include the likes of beattie who will probably go in the summer,which means we will be another man down, however £30m is alot of debt to have, and if it's this sort of thing that stops us from funding things like a proper scouting network, then it needs sorting out, toughy isn't it.

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