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Hello To All


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I have been here for roughly just on a week or so now (haven't had much time to post yet and even introduce myself!!) :rolleyes: am familiar with a few users of this board. Iggy, Blue 250, toff46, Ryansson and JartyJ who all used to be members of a forum i had that recently closed!


Before closing the forum, i saw a link posted by Iggy to this place so thought i would come over and see what things are like on here and am impressed with it, the place looks good :D


So hello to everyone on here, and am sure it will be good speaking with you all :D

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OIC, sorry bit slow on the uptake.


The frst rule of fight lub is do not talk about Fight Club.


The second rule of Figh Club is DO NOT talk about Fight Club.


Has to be the most confusing film in th world until u see the ending......


I love the film and watched it on my own in the cinema as my wife wouldnt go, the last best film ive seen on the flics, I was totally drawn in by it all. It might have been becasue she wasnt nattering in my ear "Whats that mean"



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