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OK some advice would be gratefully received here. My mother has just bought a new car and has given me her Ford Ka (1999 S reg, 70,000 miles fsh 1 lady owner) which is of no use to me at all because of the size, so the plan is to sell it (listed as worth £1100 but I reckon I could get a bit more because it’s in such perfect nick) and mine (worth £400/500) and buy something with the proceeds. So what should I buy? Could probably stretch the budget to £2000 if I got a good deal at that price and I’m looking for an estate, preferably diesel, about 306 size (or maybe 406 if I found something good). Any ideas/recommendations? Someone pointed out to me over the week-end that the Fiat Marea sells ridiculously cheaply for what it is because people don’t trust big Fiats….but that actually it’s quite good. Got lucky with my last car but I’ve been burnt in the past so any help would be appreciated.

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Youve lost me, I know absoloutly feck all about cars soz


Have a look on carcraft website, put in your price range and search, should give you a basic guide


I'll be looking for a car later in the year, they're taking my company car off me and giving me a car alowance :(


Think I will be getting a Peugot myself, something like a 306, but Ive had a company car since I was about 21 (spoilt bstard I know)

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Wouldnt attempt to steer you in any direction as regards cars Mike because as the saying goes, Its like a box of chocolates, sometimes you get one that turns out good, sometimes you get one that turns out not so good.


Think the decision can be yours and yours alone, i just hope you know enough to spot a good one, from a bad one.

Best of luck mate. :)

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Take your point Bill but I'm talking massive generalisation here (God forbid someone says "you can have my 911 for £150."). I know there's a lot of luck involved at this end of the market. Once sold a car to a mate, it'd been fine for years but the brakes failed while he was driving home...not my fault but because he was a mate I ended up giving him £200 back for the sake of the friendship...never again. One of my daughters wants to buy my 306 but we'd need the equivalent of a pre-nup because although it's been brilliant for five years one day the luck's going to run out. Promise not to hold it against anyone if I buy a shit car based on badly interpreted good advice, be no-ones fault but my own :D

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so you want a diesel, 306 size, and an estate?


how about a 306 HDi estate?


reliable for a peugeot. good engine in the HDI



The man's a genius I tell ya :rolleyes: !


That would indeed be my first choice StevO. Unfortunately it's everyone elses first choice also so getting one ain't so easy....just scouting around for alternatives....

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