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The Zutons


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went to see the zutons boxing day at the carlin academy, superb, the support band were wank but the zutons wer great, go and see them again


went franz ferdinand the other month, they were great aswell :D


goin to see oasis again in feb in sheffield :D


you can come if you wont the bluenose, i know how much u like oasis :lol:

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awesome band.


them and the coral are 2 of the best bands in years, both quality live as well.


I've seen zutons twice, both times at glastonbury. seen the coral 3 times.


haven't seen franz ferdinand but they look like they'd be pretty good live.


if you ever get the chance to see The Zutons, The Coral, The White stripes or Basement jaxx take it! they're the best bands i've seen live.


White stripes are awesome live and create such a huge sound for 2 people, even though i wasn't too sure about their latest album they didn't let me down when they played it live!

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brilliant the white stipes, didnt like their new album at first but second time round, fckin brilliant


two favs of this new one (the rest our good like, my doorbell is great and so are the other but..)


as ugly as i seem

im lonely but im not that lonely yet


from elephant my fav (part from seven nation army and dont no what to do with myself)


i want to be the boy the warms your mothers heart

youve got her in your pocket


have a great time pat, im very jelous :D

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im lonely but im not that lonely yet


...& cant we all relate to that........... :D:D:D


Is a toss up...but I think white Blood cells ( fell in love with a gilr / cant wait) is my fave alb....am only missing their 2nd album...must get.


Hey Ian if ya like them....try an emerging oz band by the name of "WOLFMOTHER"...could see ya liking them 2.

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