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Most Shocking Thing

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My dad breaking his leg in three places....big bit of bone sticking out of his shin (actually to be totally honest I wasn't there, but my brother was and his description was the most shocking thing I've ever heard. The most shocking thing I've ever seen was Iain Turner dropping the ball in April :( (although to be honest again I was in the upper Gwladys with a restricted view so I didn't actually see that either. But I felt it.

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A leg break is mine also.


A centre half I once played with snapped his leg bone thru shin, but no skin break, uno when u move ure lower leg forward & it stops @ the Knee?


Well it didnt stop & snapped clean under the knee coming forwards....Fukin Horrific.


This bloke never worked again, let alone play football.


I recall him saying in hosp after asking the dumb how is/was it Question & He replied didnt feel anyhting I went in to shock,

Though every time the ambulance hit a bump you could audibly here the broken bones tapping opr clicking together off each other.


Nasty nasty injury, no mallice This bloke pulled of a super tackle & his leg just went North.


Remember it vividly.

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