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Siging a few players and have now signed healey along with three other NI players


But I cant help thinking that they will go down this season


I find Lawrie Sanchez a strange sort of person, I dont particlularly dislike him but he comes across as a knob


Good bye fulham

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good point...what a great goal that was!!


but i know where u coming from guys, even though he did a good job for my country, it was hard to warm to him.


As for the players he has signed, they are decent if not spectacular. Healy will be interesting to watch this season however. And young Davis may show some of his early promise.

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Yeh he did score a goal vs. the RS


Hes still comes across as a nob, rio ferdinand has scored against the RS, he is still a nob


I rest my case


He didn't just score 'a' goal against the rs!!.......he scored the winning goal against

them in a cup final!.......and they missed a penalty!......and I was watching it on tv

with my rs brother!!!!.............nob or no nob? <_< .....he'll always be welcome round

mine for a cup of tea.


Wimbledon 1 luckypool 0.........(no 40metre long shots,no dubious decisions(in their favour)

no wimbledon players sent off,no penalty shoot outs)


Most rs fans wont remember anything like that!!Probably went to the courts of human rights

........I mean things like that just shouldn't happen.

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hehehe....I was living in Wimbledon at the time and I saw them come home with the cup. Stood and watched the open top bus, listened to the speeches from the Town Hall balcony and cheered as hard as if I'd been Great Uncle Bulgaria himself :lol: . Everton scarf on the whole time mind but no-one minded B) .

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